Mold Removal in Northern Indiana

MoldDo you have mold growth somewhere in your home? Don’t panic! Call Steamatic for Northern Indiana for your mold removal and mold remediation.

What you can expect from the Specialists from Steamatic

  • Accurate & detailed price quote given before work begins
  • Trained and certified technicians are scheduled based on your homes specific needs
  • Proper containment is set up to prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the home
  • Microbial growth is treated and removed using proper equipment and chemicals approved by industry experts
  • Work area is cleaned and disinfected; contents are cleaned or disposed of as needed
  • Drywall, paneling or flooring is replaced if necessary

What to do if you see Mold Growth? Contact the trusted mold removal specialists at Steamatic of Northern Indiana for all your mold removal and microbial remediation needs. Whether the mold is in your attic from a roof leak or hiding in your dark, damp basement, Steamatic of Northern Indiana can handle jobs both small and large.

Call today for contact us for a FREE in-home mold removal or mold remediation estimate!

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